Resampling By Permutations

Clear samples
Sample A

Sample B

Item count: A=20, B=20
Means: A=76.15, B=71.85

meanA - meanB = 4.3

Repeat Permutations Of Samples

250 resampled differences shown

with items in each sample
simulated from populations
whose means differ by
Each permutation resampling is done by:
  • randomly shuffling the combined set of 40 items contained in A and B,
  • dividing that randomized set into two groups the size of the A and B samples,
  • computing the mean value (i.e., the average) for each group,
  • subtracting one mean value from the other, and
  • using that difference-of-means value to increment the histogram.
A-B mean difference values for 250 sample permutations -20 -15 -10 -5 0 5 10 15 20 0 10 20 30 40 50 The red circle indicates the amount of difference between the means of the A and B samples Lower differences: 80.4% of resamples Higher differences: 19.6% of resamples

The graph is split into two regions based on the original difference in the means of the A and B samples. Each region is labeled with the percentage of the resamples for which the difference in the resampled means is on that side of the original difference.
250 resampled

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