Standard Error Calculators
for confidence intervals and hypothesis tests       

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  See calculators for theoretical sampling distributions

ANOVA for Difference of Means

StatKey will produce full results in an ANOVA tablewhen given the full dataset with the values.     It will not produce an ANOVA table for data for which you only have summaries.  (Presumably that's because you really need the full datasets to have the comparative graphs you would like to see first.)   This applet produces an ANOVA table, from which you can find the F-statistic and p-value, from summarized data.

With example

Regression   Intervals  

This applet calculates the CI (confidence interval for the mean y for a given x-value) and the PI (prediction interval for a single y for a given x-value)  

 The interval is at the lower right of the screen.   There are two different types of intervals, so you must choose one of the types of intervals with one of the green buttons.   After you obtain that, you may choose the other.

Follow these steps to produce it yourself.  (Not required in this course.)