Read me file

This is information for teachers who want a copy of the applets for themselves to edit and post.

These applets are organized here in a "flat folder" manner. In order to "make these applets your own" the following instructions are provided.

In this directory, the documents with .php extension are the applet programs themselves. Edit these, if at all, very carefully. More information about the programming of the applets themselves is provided here.

Documents with .html extensions can be edited as you wish. To make them easy to find, we use the following naming conventions.

.html files in this folder

first letters of filename What's in them  
aa Explanations of how to make changes in your own copy of the applets and the organizational information in this folder and make them your own  
comments Put your own email address in here to receive comments or questions about the applets when you post them on your own website. This page is linked to from most of the pages in the website.  
explain These are explanations written for students about how to use an applet or group of applets.  

The index.php file merely directs the server to find the first file with name starting with index_ and use the contents of that file as the index file of this folder.

You should keep only one file starting with these index_ in the folder.

license Read these carefully and keep them in your own copies of the folder. This is important to protect all of our rights to use and distribute these.  

These are "table of contents" files. Most links from the index page of the folder go to one of these "Table of Contents" pages.


Put in more about data files.



Make comments or ask questions about the applets or the web pages