Frequency graphs for one quantitative variable

The point is to learn how to "pile up" values that are close together to provide a two-dimensional picture of the data. This is the key idea on which much of the whole discipline of statistics is based.

More sophisticated choices are available in additional applets. The first applet in each column is the applet described above.

Number Line




Individual value plot..

Individual value plot - different modes..

Instructions/ Discussion of individual value plots

Watch dotplot ..

Watch dotplot with rounding..

Create dotplot with more options..

Instructions/ Discussion of dotplots

Watch histogram ..

Create histogram ..

Change the size of bins and starting point..

Instructions/ Discussion of histograms

Watch stemplot and set various options..

Create stemplot and change rounding and splitting stems..

Instructions/ Discussion of stemplots

Boxplots are not frequency graphs in the same sense, because they don't "pile up" the values. They are graphical displays of summary statistics. (For more choices, follow the Instructions / Discussion from the link at the bottom of the applet.)

Frequency graphs for one categorical variable

Bar graphs

Pie charts (circle graphs)


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