Summary statistics for values on one variable

Applets: Summary Statistics - quantitative |||| Boxplot |||| Summary Statistics - categorical

Summary statistics - quantitative: Compute any of several summary statistics for the a set of quantitative values.

Understanding standard deviation:   (Will be putting together something from some of these  on the left, about half-way down)

Boxplot: Draw a boxplot of a set of quantitative values.

Summary statistics - categorical: Note that, to have a summary statistic of categorical data, one must have an entire set of numbers, as illustrated here. So we would usually call this a "summary table" of the data rather than a summary statistic.
You may choose to compute either the counts, proportions, or percentages of each of the possible categories for a categorical variable.
There are two reasons for this applet: (1) to see the data itself, since most reports will only show one of the summary tables here instead of the actual data and (2) to illustrate the different ways a summary table can be given.
Note that the count method has more information than the others, because you can find the total number of observations.

Cautions and clarifications:

Information about entering data. All of these applets allow you to enter data.


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